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Bunting cast bronze bearings are machined from continuous cast C93200 (SAE 660) bronze for superior quality and performance. The continuous casting process assures a uniform bronze structure throughout the bearing, free from porosity and hard particle inclusions commonly found in other cast processes.

Our standard bearing line features over 900 sizes, carried in stock at Bunting Bearings and Authorized Distributors.These standards provide off-the-shelf economy for most applications, and may be easily resized, oil grooved, or graphited to meet special requirements.

In addition to standard sleeve (plain) bearings, see your local Bunting Bearings Authorized Distributor for:

  • Machined to print bearings
  • Precision finished bearings
  • Grease or oil grooved bearings
  • Graphite-filled grooved bearings
  • Graphite-filled plug type bearings
  • Special alloy bearings
  • Unit of Measure
    Stock Item?1 N/A No

    Nominal Size I.D.

    N/A 22 mm

    Nominal Size O.D.

    N/A 28 mm

    I.D. Min

    N/A 21.975 mm

    I.D. Max

    N/A 22.025 mm

    O.D. Min

    N/A 28.050 mm

    O.D. Max

    N/A 28.076 mm

    Length (±0.120mm)

    N/A 22 mm

    Length Tolerance

    N/A +/-0.12 mm

    Min. Temperature

    N/A -450 ºF

    Max. Temperature

    N/A 500 ºF

    P Value (Max.)

    N/A 4000

    V Value (Max.)

    N/A 750

    PV Value (Max.)

    N/A 75000
    • 1 Minimum quantities may apply to non-stock items, please contact customer service for more information.