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Bunting Dri-Plane®
Bunting Bearings offers a high performance sintered bearing called “Dri-Plane” using a proprietary metal compound for dry lubrication and/or high temperature applications. Contact the Bunting “Dri-Plane” Bearing Specialist for more information.

“Dri-Plane” bearings will provide the following:

  • High temperature - approximately 700°F.
  • No oil for lubrication, therefore cleaner and no out gassing.
  • Available in all standard powdered metal bearing sizes up to 3" long.
  • Available in bar stock for machining.
  • Bearings made to ASTM standards.
  • Made to your specifications.

  • Food processing
  • Electrical equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Furnaces and ovens
  • Aerospace
  • Vacuum processes
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Temperature range: -50°F/+700°F

    Unit of Measure
    Stock Item?1 N/A Yes

    Nominal Size I.D.

    N/A 3/8 in

    Nominal Size O.D.

    N/A 5/8 in

    I.D. Min

    N/A 0.3760 in

    I.D. Max

    N/A 0.3770 in

    O.D. Min

    N/A 0.6270 in

    O.D. Max

    N/A 0.6280 in


    N/A 1/2 in

    Length Tolerance

    N/A +/-0.005 in

    Flange O.D.

    N/A 7/8 in

    Flange O.D. Tolerance

    N/A +/-0.005 in

    Flange Thickness

    N/A 1/16 in

    Flange Thickness Tolerance

    N/A +/-0.005 in

    Min. Temperature

    N/A -50 ºF

    Max. Temperature

    N/A 700 ºF

    P Value (Max.)

    N/A 1600

    V Value (Max.)

    N/A 1000

    PV Value (Max.)

    N/A 40000
    • 1 Minimum quantities may apply to non-stock items, please contact customer service for more information.