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BJ5 bearings are polymer reinforced, BJ5 runs against soft mating surfaces such as mild steel, aluminum, and SAE 316 stainless steel without the mating surface wear typically found when other filled PTFE compounds are employed. (JLON 5500)

Temperature range: -250°F/+550°F
Unit of Measure
Stock Item?1 N/A Yes

Nominal Size I.D.

N/A 3/4 in

Nominal Size O.D.

N/A 1 in

I.D. Min

N/A 0.7550 in

I.D. Max

N/A 0.7570 in

I.D. Tolerance

N/A +0.002/-0.000 in

O.D. Min

N/A 1.0010 in

O.D. Max

N/A 1.0030 in

O.D. Tolerance

N/A +0.002/-0.000 in

Length (±0.005in)

N/A 1 in

Flange O.D. (±0.005in)

N/A 1 1/4 in

Flange Thickness (±0.003in)

N/A 1/8 in

Recommended Housing Bore

N/A 1.0000 in

Housing Bore Tolerance

N/A +0.000/-0.001 in

Recommended Shaft Size

N/A 0.7500 in

Shaft Size Tolerance

N/A +0.000/-0.001 in

Min. Temperature

N/A -250 ºF

Max. Temperature

N/A 550 ºF

P Value (Max.)

N/A 800

V Value (Max.)

N/A 400

PV Value (Max.)

N/A 20000
  • 1 Minimum quantities may apply to non-stock items, please contact customer service for more information.