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BJ7 bearings are made from a specially formulated PTFE compound, designed for high load and wear resistance in food and drug contact applications. All of the components of BJ7 are FDA compliant and non-toxic. (JLON 7000)

Temperature range: -250°F/+550°F
Unit of Measure
Stock Item?1 N/A Yes

Nominal Size I.D.

N/A 3/4 in

Nominal Size O.D.

N/A 1 in

I.D. Min

N/A 0.7550 in

I.D. Max

N/A 0.7570 in

I.D. Tolerance

N/A +0.002/-0.000 in

O.D. Min

N/A 1.0010 in

O.D. Max

N/A 1.0030 in

O.D. Tolerance

N/A +0.002/-0.000 in

Length (±0.005in)

N/A 3/4 in

Recommended Housing Bore

N/A 1.0000 in

Housing Bore Tolerance

N/A +0.000/-0.001 in

Recommended Shaft Size

N/A 0.7500 in

Shaft Size Tolerance

N/A +0.000/-0.001 in

Min. Temperature

N/A -250 ºF

Max. Temperature

N/A 550 ºF

P Value (Max.)

N/A 1050

V Value (Max.)

N/A 400

PV Value (Max.)

N/A 40000
  • 1 Minimum quantities may apply to non-stock items, please contact customer service for more information.