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The unique, patented Lube-Align bearing products are made of self-lubricating, self-aligning SAE 841 bronze bearings permanently cast inside a 'fast mount' aluminum housing. Here's how Lube-Align bearings effect 4-way savings for OEM and maintenance engineers:

A special casting technique which locks the bearing inside the aluminum housing, yet allows sufficient freedom of movement to enable the bearing to position itself to line up with greatly varying shaft directions. This self-aligning feature saves by eliminating the costly hand labor normally required to align conventional bearings with shafts.

The powdered metal bronze bearings used in Lube-Align products are actually 18% oil-impregnated. In action, the oil literally rises to the surface to create a smooth, hydraulic cushion for the shaft which prolongs both bearings and shaft life. Lube-Align bearings save by eliminating the need for additional lubrication for the prolonged life of the bearing.

Fast Installation
Lube-Align bearings are made in more than 115 standard sizes ranging from I.D. 1/8" to 2" for bearings and O.D. 3/4" to 3-1/2" for the aluminum housings. All of the bearings are equipped with exclusive ' fast mount' aluminum housings which save by keeping installation time and costs at an absolute minimum.

Low Unit Cost Savings
Devised and built on equipment which mass-produces Lube-Align bearings. Mass-production capacity combined with the increasing demand for Lube-Align bearings keeps unit costs in quantities at a consistently economical level.
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